PBA Talk Hero
PBA Talk Hero

Connect with a real patient

Real patients living with PBA. Images reflect patients’ health status at the time the images were captured.

Get One-on-One Support With the PBA Talk Mentor Program

The PBA Talk Mentor Program gives you the opportunity to talk about Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) with someone who is also living with PBA and may know what you’re going through. On a phone or video call, your PBA Talk Mentor can discuss questions you may have about PBA, chat about how you are feeling, and give you the personal one-on-one support you deserve.

PBA Talk Sequena

Sequena is a real patient living with PBA. Image reflects patient’s health status at the time the image was captured.

Connect With a PBA Talk Mentor in 3 Easy Steps

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Fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call 1-844-706-5722 to get started.

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Receive a follow-up call to answer some questions and pair you with the right PBA Talk Mentor.

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A PBA Talk Mentor will call you at a date and time that fits your schedule to connect for 30 to 60 minutes. It typically takes around one week after enrollment to connect with a PBA Talk Mentor.

You may want to discuss:

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Your personal experience with PBA

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Your PBA diagnosis

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Speaking with your doctor

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Communicating with your family and friends about PBA

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Starting and using NUEDEXTA

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NUEDEXTA patient support services

Please note that the Peer Mentor will be able to share their personal experiences and will not be able to address specific questions about your medical condition or provide medical advice. Please speak with your doctor about any specific 
medical information.


“I have been blessed with some great mentors in my life — and I want to pay it forward. I don't want someone else to go through this alone if there's a way to help.”

Mary-Beth, a patient living with epilepsy and PBA

Individual results vary. Mary-Beth is a real patient living with PBA. Image reflects patient’s health status at the time the image was captured.

Get Started

Please enter the following information, which will be used as part of the verification process for enrollment. For any questions about the PBA Talk Mentor Program or to register by phone, please call 1-855-415-7459. The personal information you provide will be used only for the PBA Talk Mentor Program. View our privacy policy.

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The PBA Talk Mentor Program is not designed to provide medical advice. Talk with your doctor about specific medical questions you may have regarding treatment. PBA Talk Mentors are compensated by Otsuka for their time and/or expenses.

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Jill is a real patient living with PBA. Image reflects patient’s health status at the time the image was captured.

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