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You may have Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) if you:

  • Experience sudden, frequent, uncontrollable crying and/or laughing.
  • Have been diagnosed with a brain injury or certain neurologic conditions.

If this applies to you, take the first step in learning if your symptoms may suggest PBA by completing the PBA Quiz.

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The PBA quiz is not a diagnostic tool. Only a healthcare professional can determine whether you have PBA.

After You Take the PBA Quiz...

Sequena and Lilyah photo
Sequena and Lilyah photo

Sequena is a real patient living with PBA and Liyah is her caregiver.

Learn How PBA Is Diagnosed

Understand how a doctor diagnoses PBA and why it is sometimes mistaken for depression or a mood disorder. And learn what you might expect when discussing your symptoms and PBA Quiz score with the doctor treating your neurologic condition or brain injury.

Mary Beth photo
Mary Beth photo

Mary Beth is a real patient living with PBA.

Learn About Treatment With NUEDEXTA

NUEDEXTA is proven to reduce PBA episodes. If your quiz score suggests you or a loved one may have PBA, find out if NUEDEXTA is right for you.